Belkin USB F5D7050 Version 1 seems to be Prism, Windows detects and installs it as such and, additionally I found a forum post with all the versions of that device and Version 1 is Prism (Version 2 is Ralink).

BUT when I connect it with BackTrack 2, it is detected and installed as RT73 and there is no way that it works. It is not able to detect the different WiFi networks I have near (in Windows with the PRISMAXT driver it works perfect).

I tried to use the windows driver using NDISWRAPPER, but the answer is "PRISM driver is already installed" and the device is still recognized as Ralink.

Is there anyway that I could force the system to detect and install the device as it seems it is, PRISM and use the PRISM driver?

Thanks a lot