I've got a problem (to be honest, two problems, but I hope to suceed in config Lilo just web-browsing for infos)

I've installed backtrack on my laptop, besides WinXp

It boots up correctly, then open up the login screen, the, if I choose "xstart", it opens up the frame "loading components, peripherals" and so on, it stays for minutes on "loading the desktop" and then goes black, with just the mouse arrow.

no matter how many time I wait, no matter how many time I press Ctrl+Alt+Plus..

So , I dunno how to use my backtrack
I tried with Fluxbox, but i'm not even able to open a stupid shell command

so I'm stucked, cos I cannot edit my lilo.conf, and cannot boot into win...

please help!

Notice: with the LiveCD, xstart works greatly!
just after installation is making troubles; already tried to re-install, no effort...