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Thread: Query: Customizing for new lsusb values

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    Default Query: Customizing for new lsusb values

    I have a USB network card (Belkin, F5D9050C, v4000).
    Belkin has told me it's using the RT2671 chipset (RAlink). From looking up the FCC ID, the picture seems to be ralink and matches RT2671.
    Looking at the RAlink site for drivers, it seems to be using the rt2x00 driver project, or the rt73 (the ralink driver page for linux shows the 2671 as being a specific tar file, RT73_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0.tar.gz).

    My lsusb output shows it as 050d:905c Belkin Components.
    my dmesg shows 'new device' lines, but doesn't ID it as a network card.
    From when I did a kernel mod to add the USB device to a Fedora Core installation, I seem to remember the stock files I had to edit rtmp_def.h file to add the lsusb values so it would be identified.
    Since the drivers are already in on BT2F, I don't have an edit/make/move the .ko process to follow, and my knowledge is lacking.
    Can someone tell me which files to touch to add the 050d:905c lsusb IDs, so it will recognize the card and load the rt73 patched driver as if it was the F5D7050B?

    The reason I pick this one, the compatibility post shows:
    Belkin F5D7050B
    * Driver : rt73
    * Chipset: Ralink 2570
    Works fine on boot including packet injection. ))

    The driver's the same, the chipset is a relatively near revision, so I wanted to give it a shot.

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    Get this "Query" (Bull-sh*t) out of my tutorial sub forum!!

    Infraction given!

    Sending this crap to the no0bie forum since you don't seem to know where in the hell it goes.
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