hello, i have a wg511t that works perfectly but cant monitor anymore,

it used to monitor until about 2 days ago when i decided to use wg511t to connect to my ap, since monitoring either trows up errors,
here are the comands i use and used when it used to monitor,

stop card	#airmon-ng stop ath0
		#ifconfig wifi0 down
spoofmac	#macchanger --mac 00:11:22:33:44:55 wifi0
start card	#airmon-ng start wifi0
get info		#airodump-ng ath0
airodump throws up nothing no ap's , even though i can connect to my own ap


i am using ubuntu 7.10 and nm wireless applet that comes with it to connect to my ap,
as i said before i used my wg511t without any problems on aircrack-ng with madwifi drivers,
but since i used the ubnuntu wireless assistant to connect to my ap, i cannot put my card in monitor mode.

i know this isn't backtrack problem, but could somebody please help me sort this out.

im going to try disabling the nm-wireless applet see if that sort my potatoes out