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Thread: Install Back Track 4 Without Booting It

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    Default Install Back Track 4 Without Booting It - SOLVED

    I have an old IBM Thinkpad A20m. That I had BackTrack3 installed on. I would like to install BackTrack4 however it only has a CD drive and can not boot from USB. I have tried Smart Boot Manager with a USB attached DVD drive and with an attached USB thumbdrive. However SBM did not see either device. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I solved this by removing the hard drive and hooking it up to another laptop via a USB connection booting BackTrack4 on that laptop then installing BackTrack4 to the hard drive from the thinkpad. Then I reinstalled the hard drive into the thinkpad and all worked well. Two thing to consider if you do this : 1) BackTrack will want to install grub onto the main hard drive in the machine rather than the one you installed backtrack onto you can fix this by clicking on the advanced button on the last screen on the installer and selecting the correct hard drive. 2) After booting up in the in the original machine you will want grub to regenerate the menu.lst I did this by renaming menu.lst to menu.lst.old and then running update-grub
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