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Thread: Best PCMCIA card with BT2 ?

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    Default Best PCMCIA card with BT2 ?

    Hello, im glad i joined your community i hope i cant help as mutch as many of you helped here.

    So the thing is, i started using BackTrace 2 but i dont have suitable card i need some experience of you guys.
    Been search for a NetGear WG511 v1 that is the most suitable for BT2 and packet injection but with no luck, they are rare as i read in this forum.

    The perfect card im looking would be:

    -able to make Pack Injections
    -with external antena as well

    These 2 caractristics can be found on any card? If not just tell me the best for pack injection in BT2

    Thanks for the support

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    There are dozens of threads on the forum asking exactly the same question, a quick search would have shown them up. There is also a whole thread dedicated to the question of which card to buy, and that's before even mentioning the HCL on the wiki.

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