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Thread: files: cleanup /and directory structure question

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    Default files: cleanup /and directory structure question

    organized working......

    that is what i'm used to in windows, but how does it work in Linux?

    let me start my story
    i have a 20 gb hard disk, 4 gb is for windows, the other parts are for backtrack.

    as in, it looks like this:
    root@bt:~# df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda2 14G 7.6G 5.4G 59% /
    /dev/hda1 4.0G 3.7G 309M 93% /mnt/hda1
    /dev/hda2 14G 7.6G 5.4G 59% /mnt/hda2

    and i use about 1.5-2 gb swap

    everything works fine after upgrading to slackware 12, but now i have quite a full hard disk, as you should know, the only thing installed is the os itself
    it takes up 7.6 gb, so in my opinion there should be a lot that is useless there

    so this post is mainly o ask where to look for, what can be deleted without question, and actually i have no clue about how Linux works in directory structures...

    for now, ik know the following:

    /dev = devices directory , for every component --> stay off it, don't mess around there

    /usr/src... same story stay off it else you kill your os

    /root --> my own shit, everything in there can be deleted..

    / all the others

    with all the others i'm a bit confused, for my windows usage it's easy because i worked with it my whole life...

    for Linux file systems it's not.

    so i was wondering if anyone could explain some basic newbie stuff about it ( or link to...)

    that would help me in my understanding of Linux file system and how it works.

    for instance:


    what should i do with it? is it part of every application? can it be deleted?
    it takes up 500mb , so i find that quite some information...

    who can give an explain about how this all works?

    kind regards

    peter huiskens

    The netherlands


    i wanted to add that i have worked with linux a lot,( as well debian, slackware, suse, and ubuntu ( i know ubuntu is also debian based) but never as my main os, so i never questioned it before.

    but for me , i really miss the essence of how the os works...

    and also i am aware i should know this... but hey, i'm just trying to find my way in the linux world
    hands why i posted in newbie earea

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    To be honest thats not alot of room for a main OS. The usr docs file is pretty useless but there may be some sym links in there to software. the link is probably for the MAN page. What I do is use a software called kleensweep. The trouble with it is it will wipe you out if you are not careful. I do it once amonth or so but every file it asks to delete must be checked but it works very well.

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    well that's a good way to start, i only guess it will take me weeks to get all the files checked ( firs time)

    but i will give it a try,

    thnx for the advice...

    and any common advice about the filesystem?

    oh and btw , it's my main os on my 3 year old laptop

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