Hi guys,

Again sorry if this topic has been covered or discussed before I did try searching couldn't come up with anything.

Basically I have been following Xploitz tutorial on how to crack wep (excellent tuorial) everything is running smoothly im generating arps getting replies, capturing packets in airodump.. as im cracking my own network which is wep 128 it takes alot longer. I loaded up aircrack and fed it with the airodump file so it can manually test the keys. As i left my pc running and returned back ( 20 - 40 minutes) I noticed the monitor had turned off obviously going into some sort of power managment mode unfortunantly it wudnt turn back on and i had restart my pc (noob i know).

I just wanted to ask do i have to configure power managment in windows before i boot Backtrack 2 or is there some sort of command that turns off power managment so my monitor won't turn off?

Sorry for the noob post