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Thread: ettercap and viewing poisoned arp re-routing?

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    Default ettercap and viewing poisoned arp re-routing?

    Afternoon gents.

    I researched my question before posting but alas found no answer.

    Is it possible in ettercap, to view statistics on its re-routing whilst currently running an arp poison attack?

    I know the routing is being sucessfull as my victim box still has full connectivety, but I would like to see the routing information displayed within ettercap.

    I am presuming it is possible to view this re-routing information, very much like the APR tab within Cain & Abel, however I cannot find any view options within the ettercap inferface.


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    This could be completely wrong (or not useful at all), but if you hit the space bar it shows tons of information in Ettercap about statistics and connections etc. This is using the COMMAND LINE version, NOT the gui version.
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