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Thread: Lilo xp Bt dual boot

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    Cool Lilo xp Bt dual boot

    I know that this question has been asked and answered a 1000 times already and believe me i have done all these solution but nothing has actually worked
    I had on 40gb hard disk with win xp on it,no partions no nothing,
    I used partion magic to break them into two 20 gb and installed BT on the other partion (hda2)
    Now all the windows files are in (hda1) i can see them using konquer but i am not getting a boot option in the boot screen......all i see is slax...
    I tried all the tuts and help files..but nothing really worked
    Could you help me you please?
    If you need any more info or screen shots...please let me know.

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    Run liloconfig and follow the step-by-step to re-installing the bootloader to include your Windows install as well as the BT install.

    There's an "automatic" option, but I haven't used that since I don't know when....
    If you take the "expert" setup menu, you can point lilo at the MBR, choose a boot screen time-out, and then choose to add a Linux install, by pointing it at wherever you installed BT. Possibly sda2, for example? Next, give the entry a name.
    Next, choose to add a Windows entry, point it at wherever you have Windows installed, possibly sda1, for example. Give the entry a name.
    Now choose to "install" Lilo.

    It's simpler than it sounds to explain

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    If thats doesnt work open your lilo file
    bt~#nano /etc/lilo.conf

    and add these lines at the bottom

    other = /dev/sda1(or whatever it is)
    label = winblowsxp
    table = /dev/sda

    then hit "control" ans the "x" key

    say y for yes

    then at the prompt enter

    bt~#lilo -v

    it will say windows loaded and backtrack loaded

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