I have backtrack 2.0 up and working with two wireless cards -- the built-in atheros card a Proxim Gold pc card (also Atheros, I believe?). Both seem to work fine with injection, etc. I'm confused over the VAP stuff, though. Upon booting up ifconfig shows an ath0 interface as well as a wifi0 interface. Running airmon-ng scripts to put it into monitor mode does the job, but now I have what is apparently a Virtual Access Point -- does that mean that people can connect to my laptop? If someone could clear up to me the difference between VAP and the ath0-1 interfaces I would appreciate it. Also, sometimes if I say, ifconfig eth0 down, then naturally I lose cable internet access, but bringing it back up gives me pingable access to my local net but now I cannot see the outside world. Is there another command I must use after ifconfig eth0 up to get me access to the outside world -- the world beyond my local net.

Thanks in advance,