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Thread: Help installing backtrack, I get an error booting the cd

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    Default Help installing backtrack, I get an error booting the cd

    Hello there. I am new to this forum so first of all, hello everyone!

    i am starting with backtrack and trying to study all the concepts in my pc, so i am pretending to install it here. Well i got a p5k deluxe motherboard, with a single DVD-RAM drive, and i don't know why, when i boot the cd of backtrack, it tried to boot everything until it freezes on a message, similar to this:

    Backtrack tried to boot but an error occurred. This should never happen. Try to install it from HD(i don't remember the exact message, but i saw that it couldnt' probably read the cd from the drive, due to probably sata-driver issues).

    Well i have a free partition of 5 GB created in my HD, so i would like to know more info on how to install it manually on HD.

    I am mostly new to linux, with no much deep knowledge, that's why i am having some difficulties!

    I tried to follow Xatar's guide on how to boot and install backtrack, but well, i got to do it on my work pc. But at my home pc, nope! =(

    All i get is this error mentioned above. Any solution? I tried some google search but it would only lead me to boot from cd and HD install that, but i can't boot from CD properly, til the end! I tried to use most of the tools mentioned in xatar's guide but no, i couldn't, as it was not properly booting.

    i'd love any tip on that!

    Thank you!

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    Start you own thread, don't just post your question to an existing thread when it has nothing to do with it.

    I have also given your post a proper title.

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