You have downloaded BT2, burnt the iso to disc and it won't boot, or in some way won't complete the boot process..........

Before posting about any such issue, ensure you have complied with the following:

  • After downloading the iso file from the official links you must check the md5sum of your downloaded iso file.
  • If you're doing this in Windows, you will need to use something like md5sum.exe from (just put it in your system32 folder (XP) and run it from a command prompt)
  • The md5sum of your downloaded iso file should show as 990940d975f13d8418b0daa175560ae0
  • Any other value means you have a corrupted download. You must download it again.

This brings us to the next point.........

  • Do not use a download manager!

So, assuming now that you have a "good" download - with matching md5sum - you can move on to burning the disc........

  • Always burn the iso at the slowest possible speed allowed by your burning software. Yes, this often makes a difference!
  • You should be using an option, within your burning software, similar to "burn cd image"
  • Nero is something like "Menu ----> Recorder ----> Burn Image"
  • K3B is something like "Menu ----> Tools ----> Burn CD Image"
  • You should not be burning the disc as a normal "data cd"

If you still have problems booting....
  • Often using a different or better quality media will solve the problem.
  • Also, try using a cdr disc as opposed to a cdrw disc.

Hopefully, you now have a booting cd............

If not, you may now make a post in the "LiveCD Support" forum, regarding your "non-booting cd" issue.