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Thread: BT display @ 1280x768 (ATI Mobility)

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    Default BT display @ 1280x768 (ATI Mobility)

    I've spent the last few days trying to configure my Gateway m285 tablet to properly utilize/display the widescreen in 1280 x 768 mode.

    Because I'm still pretty new to Linux and I think every needs to sing for their supper, I feel it is important to contribute before taking. Hence the fact that I spent the past 2 days working on this issue rather than posting a general "HELP!" I've learned a ton over the past few days. I have much more to learn. It's been a long long time since I've felt like such a newbie around computers. Kinda neat (in a weird, twisted sorta way). I definitely love learning Linux.

    I'm sure many of you find this too simple to even read but it definitely had me stumped! Maybe it will be helpful to another noob.

    Here are the steps I took to get the big beautiful widescreen working: (not sure if they are all required, I tried A LOT of different things before getting it right).

    Configure desktop to utilize native 1280x768
    • installed ati mobility x1400 (not sure this is needed) driver
    • Launch the Terminal Application/Window and navigate to the ATI Proprietary Linux driver download.
    • Enter the command: sh ./ to launch the ATI Proprietary Linux driver installer.
    • restart x
    • edit xorg.conf
    • kwrite /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    • find subsection "Display"
    • I am loading the Depth 24 as my default so I edited the: Depth 24 section
    • add the following line
    • Modes "1280x768"
    • restart x --> right click desktop --> Configure Desktop --> Display --> under the Screen Size drop down box you should now be able to select 1280x768

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    Great to see such a refreshing approach of having a good attempt at solving an issue *before* screaming for help!!
    (Wish we had more first posts like this!)

    By the way, there is an ati.lzm module available too.
    I don't know if it would have been applicable for your particular card....I don't have any ati graphics.

    Moved to tutorials forum in the hope that, whilst it's a simple procedure for some, it may be of assistance to others.......

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    I agree nice work prelate newb's should take this post as an example I'm having some issues with my Intel 945gm card. Half of the time it runs fine the other half its slow as f&^% lol.

    I've not had time to have a look recently but going to solve it in a few days hopfully

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