Hello guys 'and' gals ...

Although we can all just download drivers and untar them, but we 'all' are lazy and prefare on-the-go fully loaded SLAX. Its never really bothered me but my laptop "Toshiba Satellite L30-133" has always had sound driver problems, and I get the 'ALSA' error flooding my screen on boot for roughly 2-3mins, then BT skips the driver and continues to the login menu.

The soundcard I am using is:

Onboard RealTek HD and uses the windows driver: Realtek Semiconductor, [ALCMTR.exe][year:2004] using standard Legacy audio drivers.

I got this info within the device manger on windows, however...it seems that Im not being given FULL details on the actual driver which is strange...must be the same way for all HD audio chips.

Any advice would be greatful....and adding this driver to BT3 could cure a few headaches. I would have entered more information, such as the ALSA error that im getting, but the screen floods that fast I cant see it..its either ALSA or ALDA, very hard to read.

Cheers lads,