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Thread: upgrading to distro 9.04

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    Default upgrading to distro 9.04

    I'm updating my BT4 with updating manger and there is option to upgrade distro from ver. 8.10 to 9.04. Does anybody try to do this? Is there possibility to damage old BT4 after upgrading (windows layout, links to BT applications, etc.). I would like to do this because I can't find properly drivers to my mobility ati radeon x1600 (GL doesn't work).I'm using fglrx driver. My hardware is S96Jm laptop.

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    Default Re: upgrading to distro 9.04

    That operation is unsupported and will most certainly break your install.

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    Default Re: upgrading to distro 9.04

    This can only appear if you have added repo's other than the BT4 repo, which is something we specifically tell you not to do and if you decide to go against that advice, you are on your own.

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