Dear All,

Having not long entered the World of Linux, I have already developed a fundamental understanding of this novel OS through using various distributions such as CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu and was recently intrigued about BT 2, so decided to give it a whirl.

Unfortunately, when I try to install from CD on my pre-historic Satellite Pro 4600 laptop, an error occurs whilst the setup runs the Linux Live scripts.

It gets to the point of setting up 'union directory' and this is what I get:

* setup union directory (using aufs)
mount: Mounting aufs on union failed: No such device
Fatal error occured - can't setup union (aufs)
* Something went wrong and we can't continue. This should never happen.
* Please reboot your computer with Ctrl+Alt+Delte ...
/ #

Has anybody got any ideas as to what is going wrong here? Perhaps it’s just my lack of experience getting myself into a muddle? Can someone save me from the depths of Linux Live scripts ?

Many thanks in advance!