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Thread: Connecting to AP with hidden SSID

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    Default Connecting to AP with hidden SSID

    Hi all,

    I've searched the forum but haven't found an answer so apologies in advance if this has been asked already or if I'm missing somethng very basic ..

    Assuming that the key has been found and the SSID decloaked with kismet or similair how do you connect? If you give the comands:
    iwconfig rausb0 mode managed key xxxxx channel 11 essid "mywifi" ap xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    ifconfig rausb0 up

    then unless i'm mistaken it waits for a beacon from "mywifi" which won't happen as the ssid is hidden ? Can't find a way round this but t must be possible to force an access point MAC address?

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    lots of extra stuff in your commands...try this...

    ifconfig rausb0 down
    iwconfig rausb0 essid "mywifi" key xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    ifconfig rausb0 up
    dhcpcd rausb0

    if that fails delete the ENTIRE CONTENTS(not the folder...but the contents) of your /etc/dhcpc folder....

    then do these steps again.

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