For my Broadcom card to work properly I need it to use the b43 drivers (which will allow it to capture and even inject according to what I have read)

Anyways I have a BCM4312 14e4:4315 Card which is currently only supported by the unstable b43 drivers (that 4315 means it is lower power or PHY to allow it to run better on netbooks)

So to make it work I followed a guide on to install compat-wireless which contains dev versions of wireless drivers

These were the commands they had me run

 $ wget
 $ tar -jxf compat-wireless-$(date -I).tar.bz2
 $ cd compat-wireless-$(date -I)
 $ wget
 $ patch -p1 < mac80211.compat08082009.wl_frag+ack_v1.patch
 $ make
 # make install
Then after I ran that I had compile b43-fwcutter to extract the latest b43 driver

so following a guide from Welcome - Linux Wireless I had to run the following to first get the lastest b43-fwcutter

tar xjf b43-fwcutter-012.tar.bz2
cd b43-fwcutter-012
Then to get the lastest version of Broadcom's proprietary driver I had to

export FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR="/lib/firmware"
tar xjf broadcom-wl-
cd broadcom-wl-
sudo ../../b43-fwcutter-012/b43-fwcutter -w "$FIRMWARE_INSTALL_DIR" wl_apsta_mimo.o
* I am comfortable with linux, but compiling is still a little weird for me so I basically ran exactly what is quoted here *

Now I know I definitely did something because when I boot up i get the message as it loads the hardware drivers:


So I feel like I am on the right track but am at a loss here, can someone with more experience shed light on what I need to do to properly use these drivers...

Any help would be amazing thanks