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Thanks for the torrent to the wordlist Xpolitz.

Can i ask what your opinion is on the problem of me "always having a client" on my network due to the dual router setup - is there a way to hide it?
The least i can try to do is make it more difficult to obtain the handshake, as i have the password covered - its massive now and full of random shapes and squiggles [ watch me balls that up then lol ]

And can i just say thanks to everyone who has posted - its been very insightful - especially the church of wifi link - it made intresting reading
Well..I wouldn't use <<--=m1_n3Tw0RK=-->> because I just added it to my custom uber 133t H4XoR dictionary..lol

Yes..us seasoned pros use custom wordlist only. Yes some of us clip from wordlist here and there and add it to our own "master" wordlist...but all and all the "Art Of Passcraft" is the way. Make your own and tailor them to your social engineering skills (reconnaissance of the target) that way you don't have some large ass 500MB wordlist with a bunch of useless "guesses" in them. Know your target. (This is the social engineering skills I was referring to. )

To answer your other question..maybe if you "cloak" it that would help?

Also,.....as long as you got a damn good password.....AT THE MOMENT........Brute Force and wordlist attacks are the only way to get past your networks WPA or WPA2 security.

Seriously...., Don't try the above password..as cool as I think it is...cause I'm telling you now...if all other passwords in my list fail...I custom make me a list that includes all the coolest looking Uber leet passwords imaginable. (Think like a hacker!!) Cause there are people out there that won't ask you for permission to try to crack your network like I will.

And yes...I really did add your


to my list of hackers only wordlist