Hiya everyone, i have with great intrest been reading up in this forums and i keep hitting a stumbling block.

Thanks to the great video tutorials of exploitz i have been learning a shedload about both linux and wireless.

My aim was to see how secure i could make my network so with that in mind i wanted to see if i could piggyback onto my wireless.

I have 2 routers a D-Link Series and an edimax Router.

The edimax "bridges" them so i have a greater range and thats why i wanted it to be more secure.

So i was able to trounce WEP 64 bit and 128bit with great ease [ well actually it took a day and a half of forum reading - but to go from never used linux to destroying my network in 36 hours i thought made it too easy and vunerable]

So i attempted to give the WPA a test run. Now i was relatively happy with the SSID i have chosen [ and like exploitz mentions i dont broadcast it ] and i have set a large alphanumeric password.

The thing that puzzles me is that in all the videos i have seen the WPA is ripped apart in a matter of mins by cowpatty - which worrys me a little :-s

Now i dont want to create fort knox here but i just wondered if you guys created your own wordlists or if there was a specific one out there [ so i could alter the passphrase to something thats not in it ]. would it be safe to assume for example that a passphrase like:


would not be on a generic list? what advise would you give?

Thanks in advance