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Thread: Backtrack is a life saver!

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    Default Backtrack is a life saver!

    Well, maybe not an actual life....more like a couple of days of hard work. But, YEAH nonetheless.

    We had a PC set up for customers to use in our lobby, and it had not been set up with the most secure password. Somebody changed the password and did some other stuff to it the other day.

    After ophcrack failed to get the password (I used the live XP version of their stuff), I used a DVD of Backtrack4 to run chntpw commands to delete the password so that we could get back in and hopefully make it more secure.

    I did this in just over an hour with NO linux, hacking, cracking or security background!!

    One question there a place to put video how-to's?

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    Default Re: Backtrack is a life saver!

    Quote Originally Posted by babyrattler View Post
    One question there a place to put video how-to's?
    The BackTrack Videos Forum...
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