im trying to install backtrack into vm ware but getting a little stuck.

ive created the custom virtual machine .
ive loaded my backtrack cd into pc .
loaded backtrack cd into vmware and started it up.

ive input root and toor as password but stopped at next prompt where i would normally type startx and ive input all the partitioning instructions all the way down to
these commands
BT ~ # cd /tmp
BT tmp # mkdir boot
BT tmp # mkdir bt2
BT tmp # mount /dev/sda1
BT tmp # mount /dev/sda3 bt2

now after those commands im stuck what to do . if i immediately type
xconfig i end up with bt tmp xconfig or bt tmp startx how do i bet to just the BT ~ # so i can type bt~# startx

well i stoped the virtual machine thinking thats the way to do it but it freeze as soon as i start virtual machine .

what ami doing wrong apart from probably everything .

can i just start over again by deleting old virtual machine ?