What i mean by the title is this: I was using BT2 from live cd with no special boot paramaters or anything. Logged in from the terminal...startx...etc. I started trying to break my own networks wep while i surfed the internet on another computer. I had done this earlier with 64 bit encryption in about 10 min (following Xploitz guide) and decided to try it on 128 bit. I left it going for about 3 hours and collected over 1 million IV's and still nothing. So i come back a little while later, and all the windows were gone. All i could see was the BT2 background. Not even the taskbar or anything. I was still able to right click and get the little menu, but all my windows (airodump, aireplay, aircrack) were gone. Im assuming that the .cap file was starting to get too large for the 256mb memory to handle and that was forcing BT to start acting up??