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Thread: lid closed screen off/on solution

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    Default lid closed screen off/on solution

    I want to first state that I have only tested this on my Dell D620 & D820 and do not know what else it will work on. I do remember several people complaining about this problem, mainly dell users.

    The problem: When using BT2 with my notebook lid closed the LCD will not turn off.

    The solution: Use of a script to check the state of the lid and either turn on or off the LCD appropriately.

    Step One:
    #From konsole type:
    nano /etc/acpi/events/lid
    action=etc/acpi/ %e
    Step Two:
    nano /etc/acpi/
    if grep -q open /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID/state
            XAUTHORITY="$( ps -C xinit f|tail -n 1|sed s/.*-auth\ //|sed s/serverauth.*/Xauthority/ )" /usr/bin/xset -display :0.0 dpms force on
            XAUTHORITY="$( ps -C xinit f|tail -n 1|sed s/.*-auth\ //|sed s/serverauth.*/Xauthority/ )" /usr/bin/xset -display :0.0 dpms force off
    Now you should have a file called lid located @ /etc/acpi/events/ and a file called located @ /etc/acpi/

    Thanks go to my Google'Fu™
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    Yep! I remember this problem of yours. From way back in June!! I tried to give you my Dell Latitudes c610 nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf command fix..but it didn't work on yours. I found the it is..
    I remember us banging our heads on this for quite some time! Very glad you figured it all out. Now people with Dell D620 & Dell D820 will be able to close their lid and not have to worry about losing their whole session and having to reboot.

    Excellent work PrairieFire!
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