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Thread: ethercap question about gre tunnel

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    Question ethercap question about gre tunnel

    From the wikipedia

    It says

    Remote traffic through a GRE tunnel: the sniffing of remote traffic through a GRE tunnel from a remote Cisco router, and perform a man-in-the-middle attack on it.
    Does anyone know about this? Does it work over a lan only or does it work over the internet?

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    GRE is an encapsulation protocol, much like ESP in IPSEC, just without the security. GRE is commonly used in Microsoft PPTP VPN implementations(which is not just RRAS, most appliances/devices implement it to, i.e. Cisco routers), which uses MPPE for encryption. I have not tested Ettercap with GRE traffic, however, I am assuming that it removes the encapsulation, but you would still need to deal with the encryption. A good start would be Muts's article on attacking Cisco routers using SNMP and GRE,
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