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Thread: Routing protocol - RIP

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    Default Routing protocol - RIP

    Hello ! I'm trying to establish routing between my nic cards in BT 4 final. Have 4 of them ,2 ethernet ,1 fastethernet and 1 wireless card. So lets say i use 4 subnets /20 /22 /30 and /24 , one subnet on each card, and i would like 2 route between them. Dont't want to use bridging , because ill lose funcionality, also i dont want to use routers (thats then easy), are there maybe some protocols like rip, eigrp (i know cisco proprietary), ospf etc. in this distribution ? played a bit with route commands but with no luck... any ideas r welcome? also does BT4 have loadbalancing ? thx 4 advises

    --> iptables commands were my solution, thx 4 the link archangel and sry for my lazy search :P
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    This thread will contain links for you to read up on.
    Number 6 on the list should be the first read.

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