Hey all.

So I'm new, obviously, and I know I'm gonna be one of those annoying people who posts a million questions on their first post so I apologise in advance, please don't kill me!

I'm new to everything, to be honest, I was a windows user all my life until recently (semi) switching to Linux. I still have windows on my desktop but my laptop runs Ubuntu 7.10 now (was trying to get it to dual boot but yeah, apparently Ubuntu had other ideas and wiped my HD) so I am slowly getting used to it. I was reading about backtrack and decided to try some experiements on my home router (running 128bit WEP encryption) and have so far been unable to get anywhere near cracking it..

I have an old VIAO laptop and the wireless adapter is an ipw2100, according to iwconfig and, as far as I know, it does not support packet injection. This sucks, addmitadly, and (for realism) I have not been using my wireless network anymore than I normally would and have got nowhere near the required number of IVs to crack 128bit encryption. I can get like 1000, if I'm lucky, in a 24hr period but it's been as low as 100.. Pretty lame. So what is my question? Well, the same as everyone's, I guess:

Why are there so few IVs?
How can I get more without packet injection?
Is a --deauth attack the same as packet injection? (I.e. if my card doesnt inject, will it not --deauth either?)
If I were to upgrade my wireless card, which chipset is the best, atheros? Prism?
How hard is it to change a miniPCI card in a laptop? I'd rather not have a PCMCIA card sticking out..
Will USB adapters work? I read somewhere they don't.

That's about it for the wireless/cracking questions, but I do have another little story relating to backtrack that confuses me a bit, maybe someone could shed some light?

I tried to install backtrack onto a USB stick (2gb SanDisk Cruzer Micro) which I bought specially, I wanted to save my capture files and generally use it as a normal Linux distro so I followed the instructions and it didnt work. At all. It copied about 5mb of data onto my USB stick (using the backtrack installer from the live CD and /boot as the source) and that was it. Didn't work at all. That's fine, I deleted all the partitions to try again and now my 2gb stick is showing only as 50mb!!! No matter what I do, it ONLY shows up as 50mb (the first partition that the instructions made me make was 50mb) and I can't get my remaining memory back! I would still like it on a USB stick, ideally, but if that's not possible, I'd like my 2 gig back . Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance and sorry again for coming in and asking a million questions..