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Thread: Help with new HP 530 Laptop Sound and Graphics

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    Cool Help with new HP 530 Laptop Sound and Graphics

    Hi guys i have just got a new laptop its a HP 530 dual booted xp and bt2 i have no sound on bt2 and screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768 but looks like 800 x 600 with refresh of 60hz looked on forum but not sure what to do

    chipset is Mobile Intel® 945GM Express and audio is Conexant CX20468

    if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    Did you try .....

    Doing xconf before you typed startx???

    Did you try.....

    adjusting the resolution with that little blue Icon button on the bottom right corner of your screen nest to your speaker sound?? (looks like a blue PC screen with an 2 headed arrow going from top left of its screen to bottom right corner of its screen...and the arrow is white)
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