I have been reading the forums here for about a week now, and in that time I have read alot on my particular model of notebook (hp dv6000 series). I come to bring good news, especially to those who share my model.

  • I did a full install of backtrack2 final to my sata hdd with no problem.
  • My broadcom (4311 chipped) works (SLOW PPS, but works!)
  • I updated to the latest SVN of Aireplay to get my bcm43xx working
  • I did NOT need the acpi cheat code to boot from sata hdd.
  • My video quality wasnt the greatest, but after installing the nvidia GeForce GO drivers, is working great now.
  • After the aforementioned steps, the machine is running smooth, fast, and without ANY problems. I cracked my wep in less than 30 minutes with almost 10000 IVs

Perhaps its something with my particular model, so I will be more specific as to my Laptop Specifications.

  • HP Pavillion DV6110ca
  • AMD Turion 64-X2 TL-50 (dualcore 1.6ghz)
  • 1gb DDR memory (please dont ask me the speed, im too lazy to check)
  • 80gb SATA 5400 rpm hdd
  • Broadcom 4311 (Dell 1390 WLAN Mini-PCI Card (***rev 01***)
  • Conexant CXT5045 Chipped SND Card
  • 8x +/- DVDRW DL

The reason I made mention of the sync ranges is because I searched for them for a couple days before giving up and calling HP Tech support. After an hour on the phone with the tech support guy trying to tell me linux was my problem (like duh, linux doesnt make the hardware any less capable! Thats like telling me my car wont start because I changed my tires) I FINALLY got the information.

AND before some ppl start flaming me about how useless this post is, and how crappy my hardware is, please consider that there ARE some people who are experienced in linux, but not this particular area, who might have similar issues as I did (This notebook is a P.O.S. for Pentesting, but its a decent machine for a good price). This post exists ONLY for their benefit, and to help other people like me (non-spoon feeders, cmon at least give me that much) to solve their issues, provided they make use of search functions.

I would also like to give shouts out to balding_parrot, shamanvirtuel, and theprez98. If it were not for the hard work (specifically troubleshooting and testing) I would not have been able to make my crappy hardware work.

I am running this Distro standalone on my laptop, and im going to try to hack it up and make things work better, starting with a kernel upgrade. If anybody (specifically BT Devs) have any advice on compile options or trouble I might run into, please do shout me, I will be happy to hear what you have to say. My findings will appear on this site at a later date.