I've been lurking on the forums for sometime now so this is my first post. I've been playing around with Ettercap and hamster, a little bit of YAMAS here and there, just generally getting the feel for BT and sniffing traffic. I want some opinions on the best methodologies/techniques to sniff wireless traffic, or pointers to get my LAN setup(I have no interest in sniffing traffic outside my network). I have a cheap-o Cisco E900 wireless N router running WPA2 Personal encryption. BT5 is running in VirtualBox connected to my AP using the infamous Alfa AWUS036H. All other hosts are on WiFi. What would be the best course of action to do some targeted sniffing? I have been running ettercap and hamster with mixed results. Since all targets are on the same LAN would the wireless adapter even be necessary or could i benefit more from say a mitm attack while connected to eth0?