Hello all,
I've been running BT2 Final for a while now in a dual boot conf. with Windows.
Everything works fine, apart from that most of the times i need to reboot BT2 a few times, cause it does not load drivers properly ,i think.
In other words, when i run Wlassistant, it says "no device found", and therefore it does not display my AP (actually Wlassistant does not even open).
Even when try and configure it manually with iwconfig, it does not help.
Rebooting BT2 a couple of times solves the prolem!
The weird thing is, that everytime i hear a sound through the speakers at KDE startup, everything works fine.While if i don't hear that sound at startup, i cannot connect to my AP.
Hope you guys can tell me why this is happening and/or know the solution to permanently resolve this issue.
I've already searched through the various threads, but with no luck so far!