Hello Super Amigos!

I have a little problem with the TP-LINK WN722N USB Card, but since this is my first post here is a litte info about me:

I have work in the IT field for the past 7 years, almost 100% windows related, but now i wanted to test my clients security with Backtrack 5, i successfully installed BT5 on a VMware VM and bought the TP-LINK WN722N for my testing.. With VMware the card works flawessly, i was have to crack an WEP network of a client withing half an hour, demostrating that his security was week, all of this was accomplished reading the backtrack cookbook and the wireless pen testing book. Anyway here is problem:

Point 1: Within Vmware the card works perfectly. (Since i like the software so much i went ahead with dual booting windows 8 and backtrack)
2.- backtrack automatically recognices my internal wifi with atheros chipset.
3.- when i connect the usb TP-LINK WN722N i run the lsusb and check that is there.
4.- thats it, no matter what i do i cannot get TP-LINK WN722N to go online or work.

What i have done:
Everything in this tread:

I really belive that the problem with because my internal wifi is an atheros based chipset, maybe there is some soft of conflict, cause the only difference between my phisicallly installed and my VMware installation is that the VMware cannot connect to my internal wireless.

If anyone can give me some light on how to solve the problem, maybe tell me how to manually disable my wifi and manually start my TP-LINK WN722N.

Sorry if i make spelling mistakes, first language is spanish.

Nice to meet you