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Thread: [PERL]Beginner: /bin/sh on localhost??

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    Default [PERL]Beginner: /bin/sh on localhost??

    Heyz allemaal ik heb dit ook op een ander engels forum gepost dus vandaar dat die engels is!


    Hi all!

    I'm a beginner with this but I have had succes a year ago but forgot how it worked.
    I want to run a perl script, I have a website with perl installed on it if I put the script in the cgi-bin folder and after that go to:
    I get a 500 internal server error

    Now I installed ActivePerl to my pc so I can run perl scripts from the CMD. But when I place a script like here:

    and typ in CMD:
    I get this error:
    Can't exec /bin/sh at C:\ line 1

    I wanted to try an exploit from milw0rm

    It has something to do with the first line of the exploit which say's:

    Don't know what it does or is supposed to do... Can anyone help me out here plz??

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    Well it's telling it the shell to use in *nix.......


    You would run "perl"

    But you're trying to run this in windows?
    (This is a BT2 forum)

    EDIT: yes, I should've been a little more explicit - it's telling it that the script is to be run by a shell, sh/bash,etc - rather than by a perl interpreter.

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    A perl script should start like this..........


    Futhermore as re@lity said this is a linux forum but since I'm feeling helpful you need to install a perl interpreter in windows or you'll never get it going. Here is one for example.In order to run a bash script which is what you appear to have you would need to install cygwin which creates a bash enviorment in windows.

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    If it's really a perl script it shouldn't start with #!/bin/sh

    If you provide the milw0rm reference # we'd be in a much better position to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thorin View Post
    If it's really a perl script it shouldn't start with #!/bin/sh

    If you provide the milw0rm reference # we'd be in a much better position to help.
    It's probably this one: 344.c
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    If you got a perl interpreter installed, you should write its name with the full path included on the first line.
    On *nix it sometimes looks like this
    If your interpreter's name is 'some_perl.exe' in the dir 'c:\Perl\bin\'
    i guess you should write on the first line(make sure it's the first one)


    I guess that's it
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