Ok, so to make a long story short (a very long story lol)... I use windows 7 on c:\ as my main OS, I used unetbootin to create a bootable live environment on c:\ along side windows 7. The purpose was to install BT5r3 (KDE 32bit ISO) to my d:\ (a seperate physical hdd). I can launch the live environment from booting to c:\ from bios (I am no longer able to boot into windows but I will worry about that later, I assume that is just a simple repair but I want a stable copy of linux installed before I worry about that.) However when I boot to D:\ where I installed BT5r3 to (used entire hard disk space option in installer) it comes up as a blank screen with a blinking underscore top left. So the only OS I am able to boot up is the live environment of BT5r3 that is on my c:\ and from there I am now unable to launch the installer again. I am using a msi 790fx-gd70 mobo, phenom II x4 965 processor, 8 gb ram

I would like to get it so I can at least boot into d:\ and have a stable installed OS running before I attempt to repair windows so any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.