Hi all,

I have a problem hope you guys can help out. I have just run a live Backtrack from a thumb drive. And the internet connection seems to be problematic. My router modem has DHCP enabled and all Windows machines can get their IP and connectivity okay from the router. The Backtrack is able to connect to the router, but able to obtain any IP addresses. So I had to set static IP, and the DNS servers. After setting these, I am able to do ping, telnet via port 80, host, and on. This shows there's nothing wrong with DNS servers and the connection to the router. Problem is, when Firefox is opened and a URL is typed, it shows like 'connected' to a web page, but nothing will ever load. Also, when doing Wget and apt-get update via Terminal, Wget shows request sent, and awaiting response forever. The update will just stuck at 'waiting for headers'.

A further test is conducted where I try to issue 'ping -s 32 www.google.com', works. However trying a larger number like 'ping -s 300 www.google.com' will get any response.

Can anyone enlighten me to what issue I could be facing and how do I get things up? Fyi, I'm connecting via wireless connection to the router modem.