FOR THE MODS: I posted this earlier in the wrong section. I apologize for that.

Hi everybody,

my name is Andrea, I'm from Italy and currently studing at the university. Just lately, I've started to enjoy taking security courses and as it usually happens, I came across Backtrack and metasploit. There's no such course in my university that will teach what I want to learn, so I'm dong it by myself, from the basis.

What I've been trying so far, is to use the SET tools and such on my local area network and also outside of it (just testing it on myself, of course). It all went smooth. Today I started looking at the tcp reverse connections triggered by firefox addons. I'm using metasploit:

use  exploit /multi/browser/firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_addon
targeting a windows machine which is behind a proxy (TOR) and is running the TOR browser (which is a customized versione of firefox, as I recall). I use the windows tcp reverse playload. Now, the problem is: I'm actually able to reach the page were the listener is doing is job, I can install the addon correctly but I cannot obtain a session. The settings of my network are the following:

1) I port forwarded the router on a couple of ports in addition to the usual port 80
2) I gave my Backtrack virtual machine a static internal IP
3) Connection for the Backtrack VM is bridged

I believe that the problem might be in wrong settings for the SRVPORT, SRVHOST, LHOST, LPORT variables. I'm doing this remotely but, keep in mind, with no intent to arm anyone. I'm learning, as every computer scientist ought to do. I hope this post is not gonna annoy you, I practiced my google skills but couldn't find the answer I was looking for.