So, hello there, i'm John, new to BackTrack (tried like 10months to install it but i still have these problems and can't solve them).
So, i'm using a HP Pavilion G6-2011sq NoteBook, running backtrack from a 60gb SSD external (had it internal too), and also that ugly and sick win7 on my 1tb hdd wich came with the notebook.
On win7 i had the proc at 100% many times, but around 1-3 minutes after the proccesor was down from 100% the system was cooled and my fan wasn't doing this noise (i think was the HP coolsense drier cuz without was pretty same as it is in backtrack).
My comp stays as 1.20Ghz and my fan is spinning pretty much and also i can see it gets some hot air.
So that's my pretty first problem wich might be caused by the 2nd but we'll see (i should mention that i tryed to use ubuntu/fedora/mint also and could not solve this, or get anyhelp on theyre forums).
Now here it cames the 2nd problem, i can't and i don't have installed any graphics as far i could see, on win7 comp uses the onboard graphics for normall processes wich is an intel idk what card, and i have an option to configure switchable graphics and switch on the AMD HD 7670M board for programs like photoshop or games or stuffs. So on backtrack what drivers should i install and how ? -this problem my cause the overheating in my opinnion, correct me if i'm wrong.
And my last (from the big iusses) is the shutdown, even if i try from terminal to shutdown, closes alot of stuffs and than stucks in a black screen and i must press the powerbutton to force the comp, is like is shutting down only the operating system (aka backtrack or any other linux).

I can provide any info's from terminal if it helps, and hope some1 might throw an eye around here.
Thanks in advance.