Avid user of bt here, back to bt3. Mostly used for net assess. I have performed openvas scans on most of the bt versions.

My question is, has anybody else encountered bt 5 r2 or r3 's issue in greenbone desktop in which it refuses to save/export any format of report? sometime I am able to get a report file, with size of 0. most times no file at all.

I have 32bit & 64 machines that I have tried bt5 r1,2,3 and yesterday kali. r1 and kali successfully save any report I want. But with more than one machine, more than one usb live boot, and more than one installation I have encountered this issue.

I have a box on site with a customer, which i do not have physical access to. I messed up and shipped it with r3 on it forgetting I was going to be unable to save the report. So now I am in a bit of jam. The scan is complete, it is rather large, and I cant shut greenbone down until I can get it to export report.

Any help, suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated.