Hello all, this is my 1st post. Im a very beginner in linux, i never tried them before. BT5 is my first linux .

Im using Linux Backtrack 5rc, Ggnome x32, i installed it on my hard disk ( side-by-side option )

Everything went well until recently when i tried to play around, i cant remember much what i did, but i did install Nvidia Display driver though. Everything went ok without any error, and im not sure if that could be the culprit.

The problem is, after i startx, the background is empty. I had changed the desktop earlier with PNG i downloaded from net. The next time i boot, the wallpaper is missing, and when i click 'set desktop wallpaper' on right-click index, the system just froze each time and i had to press power button. So everytime i boot BT5 i dont bother to change the wallpaper anymore. This is problem number 1.

Problem number2, when i typing, dont matter on terminal, text editor or firefox... i dont know how to describe this but it seems like sometimes when i was typing or pressing kybord buttons, it presses like 10x times. If i typed "airmon-ng" it would be like aaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmon-nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg"

sometimes when i pressed enter, it presses 'enter' like 20times. this is so weird, the keyboard is ok, no problem. its impossible for me to post this thread using linux, i dont boot into BT anymore, its a pain in the butt.

I wish i could restore everything to original state, just like windows system restore, if i could. Is teh a way?

Tell me what else you need to know. Im very NOOB, plaese shed some light.