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Thread: Backtrack 5 R3 --- upgrade --- is this possible.

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    Default Backtrack 5 R3 --- upgrade --- is this possible.

    Hi I have BT5 R3 installed since it was released, and absolutely no problems.

    I have experimented and learned a lot, many thanks to the developers.

    This was my first really serious attempt with linux and I'm VERY glad I took the plunge.

    I see that the OS is UBUNTU 10.04 LUCID.

    My question........... Is it possible to upgrade from 10.04 Lucid to 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)?

    I have run Synaptic Packet Manager and applied all upgrades to 10.04
    I then tried running Alt-F2 and upgrade-manager but that is where my problems start.

    System reports back -- no such file or directory.

    Do I have to do a full fresh install and leave BT5 R3 behind?
    ((I only chose 10.10 because I read that it is easier/best to upgrade linux to the next LTS))

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    Default Re: Backtrack 5 R3 --- upgrade --- is this possible.

    If you upgrade using the ubuntu repositories it will break your Backtrack. So the short answer is "no".
    As an alternative you might want to check the new Kali Linux distribution which is the latest Backtrack.

    More details you can find on
    Back|track giving machine guns to monkeys since 2007 !

    Do not read the Wiki, most your questions will not be answered there !
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    Default Re: Backtrack 5 R3 --- upgrade --- is this possible.

    You will break dependencies in packages versions and totally break BT5 as stated by Sickness...

    BT5 is BASED on Ubuntu 10.04, but it is not Ubuntu 10.04 as such...

    Ubuntu is Based on Debian, but it is not Debian...The BT5 is a pentest OS, as it is.


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