Hi I have BT5 R3 installed since it was released, and absolutely no problems.

I have experimented and learned a lot, many thanks to the developers.

This was my first really serious attempt with linux and I'm VERY glad I took the plunge.

I see that the OS is UBUNTU 10.04 LUCID.

My question........... Is it possible to upgrade from 10.04 Lucid to 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)?

I have run Synaptic Packet Manager and applied all upgrades to 10.04
I then tried running Alt-F2 and upgrade-manager but that is where my problems start.

System reports back -- no such file or directory.

Do I have to do a full fresh install and leave BT5 R3 behind?
((I only chose 10.10 because I read that it is easier/best to upgrade linux to the next LTS))