Need expert help.

First of.
Thanks for taking the time.
I have been searching and reading up on every problem I've had so far in the install, i have come to a dead end and i need to get pushed a step further, i need help.

I am installing BT5 ARM on my Note 2 N7100.
Whatever the reason, i grew up with BT and i have my reasons why i want it on my phone (if i wanted to crack someone i would have just used my BT on USB, i have a lot of different things like this mostly for nostalgia)

I have a Note 2 N7100 with android 4.1.2

I rooted my phone using METHOD 2 in this thread (Odin307)

I have SuperSU BusyBox and AndroidVNC
All installed and working as they should.


Backtrack version downloaded:

Now it gets wierd.
On Terminal Emulator i grant SU and go into the BT5 folder and boot the "bootbt" file.

"ioctl LOOP_SET_FD failed: Device or resource busy"

I am not a linux expert, I am what you will call an experienced n00b :good:

I was up LATE last night and i figured out something i cant remember now.
It was something about if my device had "loop 1-2-3-4 etc" enabled?
AND that i might need an modified "bootbt" file ?

I am so stuck and I have been staring in the eyes of this problem for so long i have gone blind.
Help me see.
Thank you.