Hi there,

So im using a d-link dwl-642 wireless(n but should be backward compatable with g(according to manufacturer)), im using a backtrack live cd, and had no problem cracking my wep, bit of a newbie... sorry

I used airodump-ng to grab packets from my wpa network, i used the deauth in airoplay, also had wireshark open, (and filtering for eapol) the packets seemed to show up in wireshark(4 of them after doing the deauth, that wireshark says are keys), But airodump will not say it has the handshake(as i understood those 4 packets ARE the handshake..is that not correct?), later i tried the exact thing with my friends wpa2, with exact same results.

I had read that it might be the modulation, since my wireless is n(not g), but still should be compatable with g?, however when i run iwconfig and try and change the modulation it says that action is not supported, but i wouldnt have thought that was necessary anyways since i got the packets, am i screwed do i need a new wireless card or is there something else im missing? thanks