Hello I am facing a big problem and I hope I can be a help in this forum.

I have Windows 8 installed on my laptop Lenovo U410. It is installed on C on a 750GB SATA hard drive and uses a 25GB SSD hard drive as a cache. D is also a hard drive for data on the 750GB drive.

I Wanted to try BackTrack 5 on a USB stick as a live version.

When choosing I clicked on "Persistent Mode" and confirmed with startx ...

I looked around a bit and then wanted to click Shutdown. Eventually, the image was. Completely beige colors and a short click on the button was off the laptop directly from

The next time it was a rude awakening. Initially, everything seemed normal, but when I arrived at the colorful Windows 8 screen is a button pressed, did not follow the login screen. Nothing happens.

When I click F8 I do come to the repair mechanisms, but they are not working. It answers "The disk is locked and I shoul unlock this first.

The funny thing is that I see in the console input all the files. only drive letter was changed from C to an X.

Also in BackTrack I see the partition and click there and I can inspect the files and folders on C + D.

If I correctly interpret the problem, then throws BackTrack the Windows partition is not.

Have you an idea what can I do now? I'm looking for 16 hours at Google and forums for answers, but I find none.