Hi everyone,

I ve come here after spending serious time googling about the problem Im having, not finding anything relevant.. I m sorry if theres an obvious answer which I was simply unable to see.

Anyway, I have a small netbook which runs only backtrack 5r3. It has 3 interfaces.. I need to use them all.

eth0: gateway: (my local network) I dont setup the gateway , I dont want the machine to use my local network to go online.

I use this to ssh into the machine for remotely running shell commands, accesssing the vnc server and so on..

wlan0: this is for connecting to a third local network call it XYZ network and going online, which is not the 192.168.0 network

wlan1: this is an interface which uses a 6dbi antenna for conducting wireless attacks.

Problem is whenever I connect to a wireless network with wlan0 or occasionaly wlan1 , eth0 ip adress and gateway dissappears therefore I can not ssh in to the machine no more.

note : Im using wicd to connect wireless networks.

I would truly appreciate any help you might provide.