I ask because I have been trying to stress test a Sky AP and I am not having much luck in Kali (which could be seen as a good thing :P).
I have been able to place my rt73 (Ralink 2573 USB) into monitor mode and I was able to try a couple of pins through Reaver but there were a multitude of errors along the way and after around 5 pin attempts it failed completely.
So next I tried to use the "wash -i mon0" command only to receive "[!] Found packet with bad FCS. Skipping..." on an endless loop. I can't see it being a driver issue because I was able to send a few pins, but then again I can't figure out any other reason so far so I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out on this one.

Btw, sorry that this is about Kali but I couldn't find any support for it just yet