Hey there,

i started experementing with backtrack a few months ago all via live cd on my laptop(Asus K75VM).
I tried to install Backtrack so i could dual boot to it so i would have a noisy cd in my laptop but here's the problem:

the installation works perfectly no errors or whatsoever, but when i reboot my pc it just boots to my Windows 7...
when i go into my boot menu i can't seem to find backtrack either

so again, the laptop i use is an Asus K75VM
i have windows 7 on it, i had ubuntu for a while but i read that it's better to install backtrack first if you want to tripple boot so i deleted it a weeg ago to be sure.

anyone who can help me solving this problem?
i'm really intrested in using this for a school project and live cd isn't a good option for that because it's slow and ****ing loud :P

i ain't completely noob to pc's but i am kinda new with backtrack so...