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Thread: Deleted BT partition...Grub rescue?

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    Default Deleted BT partition...Grub rescue?

    Regrettably, I am coming to this forum after several hours of research.

    Here's the skinny;

    Following the BT wiki, I dual booted Win Vista and BT 5r3. After some time, I was unable to boot into Vista. After a system restore (still having BT installed on my HD), I decided to remove the BT dual-boot and just use Vista as my primary OS, as I need it for work.

    After deleting the BT partitions, upon reboot I have the GRUB rescue CLI. Only two commands work. ls, and set. At least that is all I can make work.

    I did not delete any NFTS partitions. I am, ohwever, positive that the GRUB loader was somehow bled into my win partition.

    So now, I am left with the GRUB rescue CLI, with "no partition found".

    I do not have any vista disc, as my laptop did not come with one. upon pressing f11 at startup, I get no result and still default to the GRUB rescue command line.

    I work from home, and I must get back into VISTA, as it has all of my programs and files for work.

    I will admit, regrettably, I dual booted BT/Vista without any prior knowledge of the Linux OS, or pentesting in general. Now I'm stuck.

    All other machines I own are running Ubuntu, making any sort of ISO boot impossible to download or use.

    I am hoping I can recover Vista, so I can continue my home-based job as opposed to working out of office.

    Any help or suggestion is more than greatly appreciated.

    I am also sorry to post this within these forums, but I have no other alternative.

    Thank you.

    Mounted the HD from the live CD and got into the GRUB CLI, and have to boot from that each time

    grub> chainloader (hd0,1)+1
    grub> boot
    Occasionally vista just keeps restarting, but for the most part it boots just fine.

    So now, I guess the real question is how am I able to remove the GRUB bootloader without any installation disc? I have not been able to find an answer to this after a few days of research.

    Thanks again
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    Default Re: Deleted BT partition...Grub rescue?

    i'm not sure if there is any other way to do this without vista disc
    so if u have vista disc u can go to the boot menu and choose repair then choose command prompt write those commands "Bootrec.exe /FixBoot"
    and "Bootrec.exe /FixMbr"
    this will fix the bootloader

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    Default Re: Deleted BT partition...Grub rescue?

    Google and read about "windows bootloader recovery"..It will fix your problem..You will need a windows CD or DVD..


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