I have just instaled BR5 r3 64bit Gnome on my HDD in laptop (Fujitsu AH530). There ware problems with starting, n+but it was corrected in GRUB adding "i915.modeset=1".

OK...I started it and all seems OK and then, paf!!!

I tried to connect eith my internal card on Ad-hoc network which I made on my sons Win7 laptop, and WiCD just droped the connection

After that, I tried to connect to my router with my Alfa AWUS036H (using WiCD) and even it connects, I cant get to internet. Pinging is in vain...

Signal strenght of my router is compromised (it's about 60%)

Wicd before starting reports some error

Please, can anyone help me with this? Does anybody expirience simmilar problems?

Tnx in advance... Peace!!!!